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Sea&Ports is a group of companies in the global maritime and port logistics sector. It has great expertise in trade flows with Africa and in particularly West Africa.

With its head offices in Madrid and a current area of operations that includes the Mediterranean, West Africa, Northern Europe and Asia, Sea&Ports is the only Spanish maritime group operating internationally that has its own shipping line and, at the same time, covers all areas of maritime transport.

The group has a network of more than 100 offices, agents and commercial partners in over 55 countries. This network of nearly 300 workers offers comprehensive end-to-end logistics solutions with the utmost efficiency and with a clear focus on detail. We strive for excellence in each and every one of our actions and are firmly committed to providing the ideal solution.

Furthermore, by embracing the Think globally, act locally motto, Sea&Ports is committed to PET (Protect, Engage, Talent) with the aim of reducing the impact of its activity on the environment in which it operates and creating solutions for much more efficient management in future. The PET commitment is based on three pillars:

Protecting the environment

Social engagement

Talent and innovation

With the aim of reducing the impact of its activity on the environment in which it operates and creating solutions for much more efficient management in future.

Main figures

Tons transported each year

35,000 TEUs/year
International traffic

Offices in 55 countries


    Transporting timber
  • 1992 MAC GUINEA founded as an independent company, comprising an agency and stevedoring company in Equatorial Guinea. Euro Africa Shipping Lines as a timber transporter as well.

  • 1995

    BESORA MARÍTIMA, an agency specialising in Oil&Gas, was founded and which would join the group years later. Agency and stevedoring company.

  • 1997 Integration of Mares de Guinea (better known by its abbreviation MARGUISA), the current shipping company of the group. Specialized in the import and export of raw materials, merchandise and products of all types.


    1998Its name was changed to MARGUISA INTERNACIONAL SA by the current Sea&Ports partners and they contributed their know-how in the range of regular container and RORO maritime services to different West African ports.

  • 2007It was agreed to set up IMAGESA, logistics agency based in Equatorial Guinea.

  • 2007COLMAR (Consignaciones Marítimas y Logísticas S.L) was founded as the group’s maritime agency in Spain, after the integration of MAC GUINEA and Consortium Hispania Lines (CHL), hitherto owner of Besora.

  • 2008MARGUISA separated the services into PC, MPV and RORO. EAS Lines would be responsible for the MPV.


  • 2010

    Opening of and new partnership agreements for own offices in China and Korea.

  • 2013Start of the MARGUISA partnership with Intermarine to manage the MPV service. It would end in 2018.


  • 2014 · Sea&Ports founded with the integration of COLMAR, MARGUISA, BESORA, IMAGESA.

    · Setting up of TMGE (Terminales Multipropósito de Guinea Ecuatorial) in that same year.

  • 2016 · Opening of new destinations outside Equatorial Guinea: Duala (Cameroon), Lomé (Togo) and Cotonú (Benin).

    · Start of partnership with HMM.

  • 2017

    TPMA(Terminaux Polyvalents de la Mauritanie) founded as the group’s stevedoring company in Mauritania.

  • 2019 · Opening up of new routes to São Tomé (São Tomé and Príncipe), Calabar (Nigeria) and Pointe Noire (Republic of the Congo).

    · Bolloré Africa Logistics SAS joined as a partner of Colmar, increasing its presence in the ports of Bilbao, Alicante, Vigo and Las Palmas in Spain, along with Leixoes in Portugal.

    · Maritime Agency HMM Spain (MAHS) began trading by taking on the management (which was down to Colmar up until then) of the agency agreement between Sea&Ports MGM SL and the Korean company HMM for Spain and Portugal from 2016 onwards.

    · Start of the partnership with UHL.

  • 2020

    · Opening of Imagesa São Tomé and Príncipe for shipping and logistics in the African country.

    · Association of MARGUISA with United Heavy Lift which culminated with the founding of United Marguisa Lines ApS (UML) to manage the MPV service to Africa, pooling the strengthens of each of parties and focusing on the routes from Northern Europe and the Mediterranean to West Africa.

    · Start of the Besora agreement with Navitrans Francia to boost the Oil&Gas business in Africa.

  • 2021 In early 2021 and given the company’s expansion, Sea & Ports moved the group’s headquarters to larger offices that more accurately reflect who we are and our identity. The premises are located in one of the best areas of the capital and provide an optimum setting to improve communication, work spaces and create new synergies and project developments.

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