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Shipping line

We operate our own fleet of regular service small and medium size container vessels, Ro-Ro carriers to transport road vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles for project cargo and other general freight. Ours is the leading container line in Spain and number one in Equatorial Guinea and we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to cover all the freight transport needs from the Mediterranean to Africa. 

We partner with other carriers through VSAs to improve the services’ efficiency, ensure our quality and competitiveness and to expand the network of destinations.

Shipping agencies

We have logistics and maritime agencies on the Iberian Peninsula and in West Africa. The agencies have extensive knowledge of the market and of the local stakeholders and operations in the different regions. They are highly specialised and offer a fully personalised service, which is one of their greatest competitive advantages.

All the management and operational processes are continually optimised to maintain the highest quality standards. Furthermore, thanks to the close cooperation between the teams and the understanding of the customers’ needs, these agencies are able to transmit the trust and professionalism that is so fundamental in a logistics partner.





Port terminals

The largest stevedoring company in Equatorial Guinea and the one subsequently opened in Mauritania complete our supply chain. They are both the outcome of the technical integration of long-haul companies and with extensive knowledge of the sector.

We have state-of-the-art machinery to unload the vessels. Our integrated management system means the customer receives the information in real time. And most importantly and fundamentally, our human capital is highly qualified and trained to carry out the jobs they perform.

Equatorial Guinea


Logistics training and consultancy

At Sea&Ports, we strive for utmost professionalism, achieved with the training and skills of our staff in all areas. We also open up the way to training external personnel in certain areas such as port operations, with specific courses for people interested in learning about the characteristics of the sector.

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