Create a group of competitive, solvent and efficient companies, acknowledged and renowned worldwide, leader in its business sector and geographical area of influence (Equatorial Guinea and West Africa in general).

Generate the highest benefits for its investors and provide the best growth opportunities in their professional training and development to the society’s employees.

Collaborate in the economic and social development of Guinea’s Gulf geographical area.

Create economic value in Spain and West Africa through the economic exchange.


Consolidate our position as the main operator in Equatorial Guinea for cargo ship transportation, management, handling and logistics of goods.

Develop a strategic situation in the trade exchanges between Spain, the rest of Europe and West Africa and to connect in this scope Equatorial Guinea with the countries in the subregion.

The values that define the Sea & Ports group

We always have in mind our customers and their needs and expectations in order to achieve an exceptional quality service.

We know our market and we always are looking for ways to better our services at more competitive prices, optimizing our operation while keeping our quality levels.

We are flexible enough to provide our customers with a customized and discernible service, as this will be one of our main competitive advantages.

We are committed with the company and its goals because we believe that, while doing so, we guarantee its continuity and the professional development and stability of all its collaborators.

We don’t spare efforts and dedication to attain the stated goals and this attitude is recognized and valued throughout the organization.

Our daily goal is to do the job in a way that makes us feel satisfied and, in so doing, help to the development of a company that we can be proud of.

We keep open communications in all directions and circumstances based on respect, active listening and a constructive criticism.

We actively ask for the opinions of our colleagues, customers, seniors and the rest of the team to improve our perfomance.

We ensure that everybody shares a common vision of the goals and objectives to reach, and also the way to attain them.

We always work as a team, where each one contributes doing its bit to reach the common goal.

The codes of our culture


We want to be a dynamic organization, quick at decision making and always focused in the future.

Change/Tradition Balance

We don’t fear change, but we come to it from the experience, wisdow and knowledge given by tradition and a long business trajectory.


We have an ambitious team that doesn’t limit to doing things ok, they always strive to do them in a better way.


With demanding leaders that require their collaborators to jump out of the comfort zone in order to learn and grow every day.


Where we all communicate in a transparent, sincere and respectful way while being overly cautious with data’s security.


We believe that teamworking and collaboration are essential to achieve success as a company and as individuals.


We all share the management of our areas of responsibility and, therefore, we all have a part in the successes and failures.


We take autonomous decissions in our respective areas of responsibility; we dare to do what we believe is right and we assume in good spirits the consequences, whether good or bad.

Youth/Experience Balance

We believe that the company’s future relies in the young, and the youthful ones have respect and they get support from the elder asking them for advice and counseling to reach the right decissions.


The responsibilities are clearly defined and each one is accountable to the management and the rest of the team of its area of responsibility.


We encourage innovation as a way to improve the company on the inside and the outside and be more efficient and more profitable and as a consequence have a better working environment.