TMGE (part of the Sea & Ports group) is the largest stevedoring company in EG with more than 50% of the market. We’re present through TMGE in all the main ports of EG. It’s a relevant company in the local economy with useful local connections.


Our operations in EG rely on state-of-the-art equipment. Currently the Sea & Ports companies in EG have at their disposal the following equipment: Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes LHM550 (3 units), 15 and 45 tons Reachstackers (23 units), 15, 7 and 5 tons forklifts (31 units), trucks (50 units), platforms (>50 units) and terminal tractors (15 units).


Through TMGE our group offers on the spot services (inland transport, customs clearance, etc.) to our global partners in order to provide them full door-to-door logistic services. We work with top tier customers like Maersk, CMA, Arkas, HPL, Intermarine, Grimaldi, etc.

Based on Equatorial Guinea, the Sea & Ports MGM group company TMGE is the largest stevedoring company in EG handling >50% of all activity in the country. We’re present in the main ports of EG (Malabo and Bata) and operate in other secondary ports (such as Akonikien).


Our operations do not only cover the PORT SERVICES side of the business, we also offer highly specialized SHIPPING and MARITIME AGENCY Services through some of Sea & Ports’ branches.